With delight, we watch as children grow from infants to toddlers, and from pre-kindergartners to school age children. We know that a child’s nature will reflect the love, respect, and attention they have received.

Each child has one primary caregiver who is responsible for a family group, enabling special relationships to develop. Knowing that your child is getting individualized attention and allowed to progress at their own pace means satisfaction to you.

To help parents and children make a smooth transition into the program, an orientation packet is given to all new families. The information given will increase the understanding about what to expect when the child is in the program’s environment. Parents are asked to spend three sessions at the school. The first session will allow you to observe the caregiving routines and offers the opportunity to interact with your child’s designated caregiver. The second session occurs when you bring your child to the program for a brief period in order for your child to interact with the other children and his/her caregiver. The third session is after your child has started the program. You can observe your child, actively participating and interacting.


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