One of the major objectives of the Preschool curriculum is to focus on each child's interests. We feel that the success of the classroom depends on the teacher's ability to listen and respond to each child in order to meet their individual learning style: visual, audio, and kinesthetic.

Our curriculum reflects sensitivity and respect for each child, promoting growth in:

Fine Motor - Large Motor - Cognitive
Pre-Reading & Literacy Applications

The Early Education curriculum provides a balance of individual, small group, and large group activities that enhances valuable learning. The curriculum provides learning through hands-on skill-based activities, which promotes the theory that children learn best through experiences. The objective is to offer each child a high quality early education program that prepares him/her for life.

Families will see:
  • Student/Teacher Learning
    Teachers take cues from children and develop activities that incorporate class interest

  • Monthly newsletters
    Reports on emerging skills of the class

  • Weekly Reports
    Personalized reports reviewing the child's progress

  • Continuity of Care
    Promotes consistent social learning environment

  • Hands-On Learning
    Experiences that utilize all the senses


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