The Pikler/Loczy Fund USA is guided by the mission of founder Dr. Emmi Pikler to offer aid in raising healthy, happy children. Established in 1946, The Pikler Institute in Budapest, Hungary has been dedicated to empowering children and families through outreach programs that serve the child, parent, and caregiver. Dr. Pikler recognized the need to offer an environment where children are respected and nurtured to become emotionally and socially mature individuals, able to adjust to the needs of others and of society. The success at the Pikler Institute has been recognized by the World Health Organization, and the concepts and practices have been translated globally with the establishment of Pikler/Lóczy Associations in France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Holland, Argentina and USA. Emmi Pikler’s work was introduced in the United States by Magda Gerber, founder of Resources for Infant Educarers. Pikler/Lóczy Fund USA was formed in 2002 by Laura Briley (owner of Day Schools, Inc.) in the United States to serve as a central information base and to bring the resources to a global community that will help ensure a mutually respectful, fulfilling partnership between children, parents and caregivers.

Pikler/Loczy Fund USA has also formed a working group in association with the World Forum Foundation called the Working Group for Children's Rights in Children's Homes. Please see the link on this page to get more information on their mission and goals.

The Pikler Institute (nicknamed Lóczy from the street where it is located), was established in 1946 by pediatrician Dr. Emmi Pikler. The City of Budapest commissioned Dr. Pikler to organize a home for infants and young children who were deprived of their parents until satisfactory living arrangements could be found.

The Pikler Approach is based on Dr. Emmi Pikler’s research into gross motor development and emphasizes treating babies with respect by valuing self-initiated activity, building trusting relationships between child and caregiver, sustaining each child in building self-awareness, and fostering optimal health. It is said in Budapest that “PIkler babies” can be recognized even when they are older because they move with grace and freedom. Dr Pikler believed that this is because they were allowed to move naturally and at will and allowed to spontaneously follow their own in-born developmental time table.

PLUSA Board Members
Laura Briley
Elsa Chahin
Alexandra Curtis Boyer
Denise A. Da Ros-Voseles, PhD
Janet Gonzalez-Mena, MA
Johanna Herwitz, PhD
Beverly A. Kovach, MN
Intisar Shareef, EdD
Agnes Szanto-Feder, PhD

PLUSA Advisory Board Members
Bernard Golse, PhD
Peter Mangione, PhD
John Kovach
Bonnie Neugebauer

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, please send your check to:
Pikler/Loczy Fund USA
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Pikler Training at Temple Israel 2011


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